Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!


I’ve been having these experiences more often lately, wherein I meet a new person and a dance ensues: a hint dropped here, a symbol flashed there, and then suddenly a confession. “I really want to become a witch!” one new friend exclaimed during a conversation about gardening and foraging. “I thought I was the only one who thought that way!” a friend at work declared during a conversation about agnosticism, polytheism, and nature worship. “I am really inspired by this book about witches…” another friend, an artist and musician who makes her own tarot cards.

It’s been a long, long time (almost 19 years, to be precise) since I picked up that copy of Living Wicca that started me down the path to where I am now. It’s been a long time of hiding, coming out, hiding, coming out. Every new person is a question mark. What I’ve seen over the years is a thrilling trend of the question mark being answered with increasing frequency by an exclamation point, an emphatic, enthusiastic exclamation point. A sense of relief, and of joyful connection.

I’m also seeing a troubling trend of online “temples” that charge up to hundreds of dollars a month for access to “secret sisterhood”. I’m not talking about actual online schools that offer real classes on occult subjects. I’m talking about taking advantage of people who feel spiritually disconnected and unsure. It’s troubling because a sisterhood-relationship cannot be commodified. But in absence of other people available to form real-life relationships, a person can hardly be blamed for turning to what is available online, for a fee.

So the conclusion I’ve reached is both simple and extremely complex: the world is calling us, witches, priest/esses, seekers, magic people, out of hiding. To display our beautiful variety of magics whenever and however it is safe to do so. To create an environment of cooperative, supportive exploration and experimentation, ecstatic play and radical connection. To be allowed to be our weird and wonderful selves. To step into the power that is rightfully ours, and to empower those who have forgotten their worth and their abilities.

The world is daring us to be open, to grab hold of the wheel and turn that baby until we reach a place where the vulnerable have no reason to be afraid, to where the resources are shared equally, to where the planet is being cared for and allowed to heal. Let’s shake this snowglobe and magic ourselves into position so when the flakes settle, we are all right where we want to be, right where the world needs us to be.


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