In Between


On this in-between day, exactly centered with Winter Solstice on one side and Spring Equinox on the other, I want to honor all of the moments between the seed of possibility and the moment when the vision becomes physical reality.

Sometimes in between the work of priestessing a community, I forget there are seeds of magic being sown, waiting to sprout at unpredictable and uncontrollable moments.  While I’m distracted, figuring out the practicalities and steeping myself in the theme of the rituals over time so that I am prepared when the moment arises, the magic is happening. The transformation may be catalyzed in sacred space, but the effects ripple out until everyday life is vibrating with the new energy. I look up from the altar and am surprised sometimes at what I see manifesting. I think it’s because the very act of circling in community feels like magic in and of itself that I just forget that there is an outcome to the work, one that is tangible and visible and life-changing.

It feels right now like I’m in the middle of one of those moments where the magic is manifesting and catching me a bit off-guard, joyfully so. After a couple of years spent dismantling the structures of what used to be my life and fumbling around trying to figure out “what’s next?”, I had come to terms with the idea that there is no “next”, only a “now”…. but recently I’m starting to see growth that really energizes and excites me: a new occupation, supporting a group of people working to heal my community; a new direction on my spiritual path and new understanding of my relationship with the Gods; a new daily and weekly routine.

This feels like the beginning of a new chapter. I’m excited to be here, and a little bit exhausted. January was a lot of work, real actual dishes-washing, dog-shit-picking-up, clock-punching work – which is why there was no writing – and it was also a lot of Goddess visiting me in dreams, crossing major thresholds, and being surrounded by amazing sacred community.

I’m looking forward to some time spent settling in to this new normal and seeing what comes after this in-between time. And more writing, of course.




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