Shoveling Out Tarot Spread

It’s another snow day. Today I took a break from complaining about the weather, ventured outside and spent some time with my dearest friends, who I’m lucky enough to have right around the corner. We walked to our favorite spot for brunch, and on the way home I picked up some beer for an at-home happy hour later. (My tolerance is so low, just two will have me quite silly and not caring about snow at all.)

After that we pulled out our tarot cards since yesterday was the full moon. I’ve been working with these friends for many years, and we like to invent our own tarot readings instead of doing the same old same old. We each use our own tarot decks (my go-to is the Original Rider-Waite deck) and we also use a deck of cards featuring the images from the Hunab Ku book.

Our reading today is based on the winter and the coming spring, and the idea of shoveling out after all of the snow has fallen. The reading is this:
1. The winter (the current state)
2. What lies beneath
3. The springtime
And the Hunab Ku card is the shovel – that thing that helps us dig out from under the winter’s snow, to expose what lies beneath, which will ultimately be the ground for growth in the springtime.

Sometimes these invented readings are great, and sometimes they don’t make much sense once the cards have been thrown. Or they make too much sense and tell us things that we maybe didn’t want to know. In this case, we all had clear readings, and all had positive messages. Does this mean… could it be… the dark cloud of winter suckage is finally moving on? I hope, I hope!

When I came home and checked my email, there was a message informing me that the early bird date for a local organic farm’s CSA registration is today. I’ve participated in Community Supported Agriculture before with this farm, and found it difficult to keep up with all of the produce in my full share, which was 8 items per week. I hadn’t though about participating this year, or anything else having to do with warm days, because I’ve been so busy complaining about winter. But in that moment I decided without thinking about it that I need to have a half share this year and signed up. With a lineup like this, there wasn’t much to have to think about!

Then I realized that, while I’ve been sitting here complaining, there are other people out there who have been working to get us all ready to eat strawberries in June, tomatoes in August, squash in October, and delicious beets every month. Just thinking about farmers markets, fresh produce, the feel of sunshine and warm earth, is making me feel excited to be alive again.

Only three months to wait for strawberries! Even less than that for beer! I can feel my inner complainer dying of starvation: I’m running out of things to complain about.


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